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International Skype Session at ArASL 2016

I’m delighted to be joined by Stony Evans, a Library Media Specialist at Lakeside High School in Hot Springs, Arkansas who is a guest on our blog. We shared the pleasure of co-presenting at the Arkansas Association of School Librarians and here is our journey. Introduction  (Elizabeth) Way back in January I was looking for information about Mystery Skype.… Continue reading International Skype Session at ArASL 2016

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“Do you see what I see?”: How to interpret picture books.

“What does the composition of the picture tell you about the characters? How does the use of space make you feel? What does the viewpoint tell you about what’s happening? And why is the dog talking?!” I’ve often sat in front of a class or a book group with a Greenaway shortlisted title in my… Continue reading “Do you see what I see?”: How to interpret picture books.

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Lego for Library Teaching Workshop

‘That’s not learning, that’s playing…isn’t it?’ By Lucy Bearder (SLS Librarian) Photo by bdesham When I told my husband I was off to Manchester to attend a ‘Lego for library teaching’ workshop, he laughed, my colleagues raised their eyebrows questioningly, but my favourite reaction was from my 5 year old who asked “Can I come. … Continue reading Lego for Library Teaching Workshop