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New initiatives for promoting literacy from our Schools’ Library Service

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Over the last few years, Schools’ Library Service in Guernsey has had a big focus on teaching and supporting information literacy showing teachers how the research skills we teacher links to the Bailiwick of Guernsey curriculum. Last year we made more of an effort to focus on our offer for literacy. We already offer book awards, book clubs, reading groups, and story sessions but we wanted something that went beyond our usual offering. We decided to dip our toe in creating our own book award, enhance our ebook collection and provide a reading scheme that promoted reading for pleasure. All of the resources below can be accessed by contacting

Channel Island Children’s Book Award

We have followed the Carnegie and Greenaway Book awards for many years which the children in the Bailiwick have enjoyed working with us. We have felt that it was time to give the Bailiwick children something of their own. After a conversation with Cathy Bithall from Jersey Libraries, the Channel Island Children’s Book Award was born. Most schools are taking part in one way or another. Whether it is a whole class reading one of the books or smaller groups reading all four. We have set up a flipgrid for every book for those who have only read one. This will allow them all to make a judgment based on all books. There are only 13 days to go before the voting closes.

If you have been reading the books and want to comment please just get in touch for the passwords.

Overdrive Sora ebook app

Overdrive Sora ebook app has really been pushed this year and we have seen a huge increase in use.  We have created cards for each individual student and been into classrooms to show the children how to access them. This is about giving children the opportunity to read on a platform if they wish. Obviously, physical books are still on offer.

Reading Roadmap

This lovely scheme created by Islington SLS is a way of ensuring your children read current fiction and books that they would not normally choose. It helps them to explore different genres and allows them to challenge themselves to read as many books as they can from the lists. The children get certificates when they have read 5, 10, 15 and 20 books. We have found, boys especially have enjoyed this scheme but we are delighted by the amount read in such a short time.

If you want to know more please just email or leave us a comment below.

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