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12 Books of Christmas

Here @slsguernsey we have been thinking about competitions that we could use in school libraries to encourage more students in through the doors. A few years back I remembered running a 12 Books of Christmas competition at one of our secondary schools and it went down well so we are going to try it again. I shared the idea on twitter and a few school librarians have shown an interest so we thought we would post it here so that you can all access it if you wish.

I can’t remember where I got the original idea from so if you are reading this and it was you then let us know and we will give you credit.

The idea is to choose 12 Christmas related books, remove the author and title and challenge the students to see if they can fill in the missing author and titles. Here is an example of 3 of our 12 books of Christmas.

All 12 pictures can be put up at the beginning of December or one every day. However, you will need to put up two on a Friday and two on a Monday obviously to account for the weekend.

We are planning to say that the entry with the most correct answers will win a selection box. This means that even if they do not have all the answers they can still enter.

We are also encouraging any school staff to join in too.

Here is the full document with all the pictures which you will be able to edit and change as you wish. 12 books of Christmas

Here is the link to the entry form. Entry forms for 12 Books of Christmas competition

Please don’t cheat if you are following this competition on twitter but here are the answers if you are using it in schools. Answers 12 books of Christmas

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