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Recently Published Picture Books – June, July & August 2018

Here’s a look at some of my favourite picture books which have been released over the last three months. These would be great additions to a school library or just for reading at home. If any local schools would like to purchase any of these items, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Tropical Terry: Written and illustrated by Jarvis

Terry dreams of being like the fancy tropical fish who swim past him everyday, those who won’t play with him as they see him as dull. One day, Terry and his friends come up with a plan to make him as dazzling as the tropical fish, but once accomplished it is not all that Terry had dreamt it would be. Jarvis has filled this story with absolutely stunning illustrations and each page is filled with colourful, eye-catching details to keep children engaged and create discussion. Ultimately, this picture book highlights themes of the importance of friendship and not changing who you are to fit in.

Picking Pickle: Written by Polly Faber and illustrated by Clara Vulliamy

This is the story of finding a dog which is a perfect match for you. Pickle, who has been at the dogs home the longest, will be leading your search. Whether it be Dumpling, the clever dog who eats lots of newspapers or Boo Boo who loves to bounce, there are lots of different dogs and a hard decision to be made. I found this to be a fun and heartwarming story which had an ending that really made me smile.

Bad Bunny!: Written by Steve Smallman and illustrated Migy Blanco

This has to be my favourite bunny story since the similarly titled ‘Big Bad Bun’, but be warned it is definitely more suited to those who enjoy silliness and toilet humour. It follows bad bunny on his trail of naughtiness as he causes mischief to all those around him, including eating a bite out of all of Bear’s pies and putting glue in Badger’s socks. This carries on until finally Fox captures him and tries to have rabbit stew for dinner. In the end I’m not really sure that Bad Bunny does learn his lesson, but I think reading one book without a strong moral theme can’t hurt.

Mixed: Written and illustrated by Arree Chung

To start with there are just three colours, Red, Yellow and Blue, all different in their own way but living peacefully together. Things soon change and the colours are divided against one another until the day that one yellow and one blue fall in love and decide to mix. With bright illustrations and simple text this is a story which inspires love and acceptance for all ages.

Errol!: Written by Zanni Louise and illustrated by Philip Bunting 

Perhaps one of the most relatable situations for all parents, this is the simple story of Errol refusing to leave, even after his mum has counted to three! With very few words, this is in a similar style to the Jon Klassen books which use illustrations to move the story along. Great for discussions as to what a child thinks is happening in each scene, especially later on in the story where Errol seems to go on his own little adventure without his mum. This is one I plan to use when doing story sessions for children and their parents together, as I’m sure both will thoroughly enjoy the humour albeit for different reasons.

Here are an extra few new and notable picture books which I wanted to highlight from the last three months.


All book images have been taken from Amazon.

Written by Jodie

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