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Looking back 2017-2018

The summer holidays are a time for us at SLS to plan for the upcoming year and start putting any ideas we have into action. Whilst it’s always good to be planning it is also useful to look back the previous year to see what you have already accomplished.

SLA Information Book Award

Whole Room

To get involved with National Non-Fiction November, our team of Librarians run shadowing sessions throughout the month looking at the books shortlisted for the SLA Information Book Award. These sessions are finished off with a cross-school event which we run at the Guille-Allès Library and involve a book discussion, a quiz and a vote for the students’ favourite winner. Non-Fiction has shown to be a great way to get those students to read who are able but are often reluctant.

Christmas Stories


For two weeks in December we invite all the Primary schools in for a Christmas Story and Craft session. The uptake for these sessions has been steadily growing over the last few years, so much so that we now can offer up to three sessions a day! This year we had over 1300 students. Although this is mostly a fun activity which helps get everyone into the Christmas spirit, it also gives the students an opportunity to visit the Guille-Allès Library and feel more confident in returning out of school. We have even seen children return the same day with a parent as they were so excited to show them where they had been.

Non-Fiction Stock Check


Not as exciting as story sessions or book award events but perhaps no less important. We endeavour to keep our stock and system as up to date as possible and it means that we don’t waste time looking for books that are lost or missing. We have undertaken a stock check of all of our non-fiction books, which we did in small sections and over the period of about a month. We are currently in the process of starting our fiction stock check.

Book Week

The busiest week in the SLS calendar but such an exciting opportunity for students, teachers and SLS staff. Our three authors and poets this year were David Lucas (KS1), AF Harrold (KS2) and Adisa (KS3). Amongst the three there was a mixture of illustration, writing and poetry which made for a varied week of talents. Unfortunately Adisa had to leave after only a couple of days and some schools had to miss out on his visit. The students he did visit seemed to be highly engaged and thoroughly enjoy his sessions so we would ideally love to have him back in the future.

Spring Stories


Having previously focused these two weeks on Easter stories and activities, a few years ago we decided to have a change and instead have a different theme for each year. This year it was Space stories and activities. Again this is a brilliant opportunity for the students to visit the library but never seems to be as busy as Christmas. Next year we have decided to move the story weeks to the Summer term so hopefully there is a bit more time for out of school trips.

Launch of the Channel Island Children’s Book Award


One of the most exciting new ventures we are undertaking this year is the launch of the Channel Island Children’s Book Award. In conjunction with Jersey Library we have created this brand new award for children within the Bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey in year 5,6 & 7. This award gives the children the chance to not only nominate but also vote for who they think the winner should be.

Carnegie Greenaway Award

Website 2

A staple of the SLS Calendar is always the Carnegie Greenaway Award shadowing and event. This year we decided that we would use our own Greenaway shortlists for KS1 and KS2 as we didn’t feel like the actual shortlist would be suitable for the younger students. The event was well attended and allowed the children to vote for a Guernsey winner in each category and find out who the actual winners were.

Ann Bryant

Over the last three years we have been lucky enough to have author Ann Bryant as our Patron of Reading and visit Guernsey three times a year. Her sessions were always in high demand, with the most popular being her Play in a Day sessions. Sadly her visit in May was her last as our official Patron of Reading but we know that she will return as she has not only formed a great bond with SLS staff but also the island itself.

School Visits to the Guille-Allès Library


Not limited to any particular time, we offer a variety of different topic based visits. We have some schools come in just for stories and crafts but also schools who want tours, treasure hunts, information literacy sessions and breakouts. These are always varied topics with some over the last year including Harry Potter, Monsters and Aliens and Chocolate. SLS Librarian Alan was involved in a collaborative day of visits with the Guernsey Archives and the Priaux Library for Year 3 Hautes Capelles Primary School students.


Written by Jodie





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