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15 Book and Reading Related Apps for Children

Working in a library I often get asked not only for recommendations for books for children but also for ways to encourage reluctant readers. A fun way to get children into reading is with book related apps, some can be used for learning to read and others which link to a well known series and can pique a child’s interest. After doing a bit of research (I have put some links to other blogs and magazines I found useful at the end of this blog) I have put together a list of 15 Apps which should get children excited about reading or I thought just looked really fun!

I have tried to find as many free apps as possible but unfortunately things are rarely free and many will still have in-app purchases so make sure that your app purchases are password protected. All of the apps on the list are available for Apple devices (this seems to be the way local schools are going) and I have added a link to the Appstore underneath for further information. Let us know if you have any further recommendations!

Collins Big Cat: The Farmer’s Lunch Story Creator

A great app for developing children’s reading and writing skills, not only does it allow children to read along with the story but also create their own. If you like this one there are many other Collins Big Cat apps to be found.

Teach Your Monster to Read – Phonics and Reading 

This is one of the most highly rated apps for teaching young children to read and although you do have to pay for the app, you can sign up and use it for free on the website.

Little Bird Tales: Storytelling Made Easy

This app allows children to create their own stories using creative features such as the artpad and also upload original content by adding their own images and voice recordings.

March of the Dinosaurs

Dinosaur’s are always a very popular non-fiction topic for children and this app has brought the world of dinosaurs to life in storytelling form. Not only is this app great at encouraging children to read but it is an absolute treasure trove of dinosaur facts.

New Star Soccer – G-Story

For those reluctant readers who are football mad, this could be a good way in by using a topic they love. This app has taken elements of the New Star Soccer game and turned it into a story which can be controlled by the user.

Seedling Comic Studio

With comics and graphic novels becoming more and more popular, this app allows children to create their own using a variety of creative tools.

Rockford’s Rock Opera – Children’s Musical Story

An amazing free app which includes a narrated story split into 12 chapters with songs and read along options included.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Just one of many apps created by nosy crow which are based on well known fairy tales. It is at the forefront of interactive storytelling with stunning artwork and a variety of games and interactive features. A great app for encouraging reading for pleasure.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar ~ Play & Explore

This app has turned the classic story into fun and educational games for young children to enjoy.

Roald Dahl’s Twit or Miss

With The Big Friendly Read being the theme for last years Summer Reading Challenge and Roald Dahl Day being celebrated every year, these books are still very popular with children of all ages. This is one of those wonderful, actually free apps, which uses games to bring the world of ‘The Twits’ to life.

Franklin Frog

Perfect for children who love reading non-fiction, this app allows children to develop their reading skills and learn new facts at the same time.

Peppa Pig Me Books

It’s not surprising that the ever popular Peppa Pig has it’s own app! This one is special as it allows you to record your own story narration and is therefore perfect for parents who can’t always be there to read a story to their children at bedtime.

The Cat in the Hat

A great, fun way for young children to practice phonics and spelling or just a chance to enjoy a more interactive version of this classic story.

The Adventures of Captain Underpants

Dave Pilkey’s Captain Underpants is full of silly humour and bold illustrations and this app takes the first book and adds interactive elements and games to make the book even more fun. If this app can get a child interested in the series there are 11 more books to keep them going, as well as some other spin-off books and even a film!

BorrowBox Library

Many libraries now give their members access to free online resources such as eBooks, and eAudibooks. Borrowbox is one of the apps which can be used to link you to your local library’s collection. Here is a link to the Guille-Alles Library website for those people who live in Guernsey and would like more information about using BorrowBox and how to join if they haven’t already. They have a growing number of children’s books which can be borrowed and you never have to worry about returning them as that is done automatically after the allotted time!


I found some of these apps in the following places and they are a great source of more apps and information.

The 50 best children’s apps for smartphones and tablets – Guardian article

SLA Guidelines Magazine – Amazing Apps for Primary Schools


Written by Jodie





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