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Carnegie and Greenaway 2017

Another year and the madness and excitement of the Carnegie and Greenaway shadowing is over. We heave a huge sigh of relief but also feel a little bit of sadness too.

For the last couple of months, alongside our other lessons, library management, and support, our librarians start to encourage every school to take part in these book awards. Some schools choose to run class groups looking at the books and voting, others choose to run small book groups. Everyone who takes part is then invited to send along 4 students from each group to our Carnegie and Greenaway lunch at the Guille-Alles Library when the real winner is announced.

On the weeks running up to the lunch, our librarians are visiting their groups to discuss the books on the shortlist in more detail. We encourage students to fully engage with these books by posing questions, looking closely at the pictures and stories and encourage students to talk about the books. We have previously written about getting the most from these awards which can be read here. 

This year 64 students from 11 different schools arrived at the Guille-Alles at 12 pm to discuss the shortlisted books and to vote to give us a Guernsey winner.  They were spilt into groups so that every group had a mixture of schools.


At 1 pm after lots of discussion and laughter, the Guernsey students had chosen The Wild Animals of the North by Dieter Braun for the Greenaway and Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys for the Carnegie.

At 1 pm Elizabeth Hutchinson, Head of Schools’ Library Service made the announcement. Huge cheers were heard as the Guernsey winners were officially announced and most of the children seemed happy with the choice. However, when the real winner of the Greenaway was announced as There was a Tribe of Kids by Lane Smith there were groans of disappointment, not because it was a bad book just because it was not the one that they chose.  Unfortunately, the announcement for the Carnegie was a little muddled. In haste to get the announcement done so that the students could eat, the winner of the Amnesty award, The Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon was announced instead of the Carnegie winner. Again disappointment was heard throughout the group.

Cornelia James from the Guille-Alles Library thankfully pointed out the announcement mistake and was able to inform the Carnegie group that they had actually chosen the winner. They were delighted and it was a lovely way to finish the afternoon for them.

We have often found that our students choose different winners from the official ones. Does that matter? No, we don’t think so. Whilst the students are having lunch we often hear more discussions about the winning books and some brilliant insightful conversations can be heard. Just showing that once the activity is over the conversations and enjoyment of these books still continue.

Deloitte kindly sponsored the lunch and books for the librarians this year. 

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