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Schools’ Library Service Book Week 2017


As another Book Week ends it is lovely to see all feedback coming in about the great week everyone has had. You often wonder if the work you put into these events is worth it. Seeing the smile on everyone’s faces and the work being done within schools has been testament to the importance of running such an event.

Our planning starts a whole year before as good authors get booked up well in advance. It is unusual to ask authors to give up a week of their time so it can take a while to persuade them to come over. Mind you as our reputation spreads for hosting a well organised event it is becoming easier and have even had authors begin to offer their services which is great. We already have a list of suggestions for next year.

We book flights, organise hotels, arrange packed lunches, book venue for evening event, create author packs, create competitions and organise timetables. Nearer to the time we make sure the schools have booked sessions and encourage them to get their students to take part in the competitions.  Our librarians work with teachers to encourage them to look at the author packs to create engagement. We then run assemblies to create excitement about our visiting authors.

This year our authors were Jane Elson, Kristina Stephenson and Caroline Lawrence. They were fun and engaging and a joy to work with. We had some amazing feedback and great pictures to show what was happening in schools.  They ran workshops, presentations and talked to book groups.

Many of our schools chose to make the most of book week as a springboard for World Book Day which created a real buzz and positive impact on literacy within schools.

Measuring impact for these types of events is really difficult but this year we have been sent some great photos and schools have told us how they have engaged with our authors which has been amazing.

Vauvert Primary shared their lovely wall display!


Houguette Primary sent us this lovely outline of how they put our author visit into a meaningful context.

“As you know we had the golden letter/ request from the author to write magical potions.

  1. Children all wrote a fabulous potion using descriptive words, to make a ‘rainy day, sunny.’
  2. We rehearsed these in character voices, like wizards, witches, etc
  3. We all made a potion with a transparent bottle, adding glitter, flowers, shells, magical things, etc
  4. We painted the characters and used each one to support the teaching of a maths strategy


  1. We made a wall full of her words, which we will ‘magpie’ in our own stories.
  2. Endless comparison of her books, and building on language skills to support our own story writing.

We had an amazing time”

Le Rondin created a website and asked Kristina Stephenson to answer questions. We are very grateful for the input and inspiration from our authors.


The children from Vale and Vauvert made a real impression on Caroline Lawrence. She wrote “my personal favourite was Vale School, where so many kids ran up to thank me and Kristina spontaneously with shining eyes as we left…I also loved visiting Vauvert which came a close second for happiness of children”

Jane Elson visited our secondary schools and again we saw some amazing work.

Jane said that St Sampson’s High yr 8 Group was one of the best she had ever worked with. Well done! We hope to see some great writing shared with us soon.



St Anne’s book group got to meet Jane and ask questions. They had a great discussion about Jane’s book A Room Full of Chocolate. They had a great debate about what animal Jane would choose if Claude the Pig was to be another animal. Well done for thinking of some great questions to ask her.


Our evening performance was held at Castle Cornet this year by kind permission of Guernsey Museums. They specially opened the castle just for us which we were delighted about. 100 people attended the event and prizes were given by the authors to winners of our book week competition.  Well done to all our winners:-

Infant winners: 1st Emilie Hervé, 2nd Zac Rihoy, 3rd Imogen Ellis

Junior Winners: 1st Talia Godet, 2nd Taylor Brehaut, 3rd Alyssa Patterson

Secondary winners: 1st Josh Marsh, 2nd Lauren Jarvis, 3rd Maya George



We would like to thank our three authors for all their hard work in preparing and running the sessions here in Guernsey and Alderney. We also appreciate all the extra work that goes into doing these visits. Your help, support and dedication does you proud.

If you want to see more pictures click here


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