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Primary and Secondary teachers in Guernsey: Why you should use your Schools’ Library Service.

Why you need Schools’ Library Service and your SLS librarian.

Did you know that research carried out by Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen found that  students academic attainment will goes up if you collaborate with a qualified librarian and here is the evidence.

There is an argument that all schools should have qualified librarians in them but here in Guernsey we are so lucky. Every school has free access to a qualified librarian and our ability to be flexible is a real bonus. It allows us to support all our schools in the way that best suits them. Our librarians are skilled in  many different ways so we are able to give you the right person for the right job. Alongside our qualified librarians our central team provides resources quickly and efficiently ensuring that books and online resources are put into the hands of your students and teachers when they are needed. Our team also organises events and educational visits on request as well as organising book and author events to promote reading for pleasure and literacy across our Islands.

So how do we do that ?


Are you a teacher that is frustrated at the lack of resources in your classroom?

We can help! Every teacher is able to contact us and ask for resources. We can provide not only books and online resources that are age appropriate for your students but we can also save you time by finding appropriate websites as our skills as information specialists means that this is the type of research we do.

Are you aware of how we can lighten your workload?

We will research and find good quality websites that we will add to your library catalogue. Why spend hours looking for resources if you can email or phone and ask us to do it for you?

How do you organise this?

Just let us know:

  • what topic you are covering
  • Whether you want books and/or online resources
  • what year group
  • how many students.

We will send you a box of books and add online resources to your school library catalogue. Just send an email to

Are you frustrated that your students only look on Google?


Our SLS librarians are also able to teach in your classrooms supporting your students to search and evaluate websites and online resources to help them become independent learners and helping you and your students to find good quality resources. These are essential life skills for the 21st Century.. We can be an extra pair of hands in your classroom to support all students when researching.

What do you need and want from our service?

It is important that all schools find the way that is right for them to use our service. Whether it is added resources in your classroom, help with library refurbishment, support with teaching information literacy, collaborating with the public library for story and activity sessions, ideas to support literacy or CPD for teachers. We can do it; all you have to do is ask. Need some ideas here are a few…

If you are a teacher reading this and think that this something that you did not know was available to you and want to know more read this and finally you can always ring us on 714098 and we would be happy to help.

We look forward to working with more of you next year. More book loans, more use of our online resources, more ebook loans, more collaboration with teachers… more more more… Here is to 2017!

If you want to know more then read this blog

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