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8 (out of 10) Reasons Why We’re Dangerously Excited for David O’Doherty

Children’s book author and capricious comedian David O’Doherty will soon be making his way to Guernsey as part of a tour to celebrate the release of his latest book Doctor Noel Zone presents Danger Really is Everywhere.  On Thursday 6th October, Year 6 and Year 7 students have been invited to attend a session with David at Les Beaucamps High School, as he discusses all things dastardly and dangerously daft (which is a lot of alliteration).


You may feel like you’ve seen his face before…and you’d probably be right.  David has appeared on numerous comedy panel shows including, but not limited to, 8 Out of 10 Cats, Would I Lie to You? and QI.  And if this wasn’t enough reason already, here are ten MORE reasons why here at SLS we are very much looking forward to David’s impending visit:

  • He is an expert on dangerology.

His Doctor Noel Zone book series will give you a deep insight into all you could possibly ever need to avoid danger and become a qualified ‘dangerologist’. Both Danger is Everywhere and Danger is Still Everywhere are available to buy now.  The latest instalment, Danger Really is Everywhere, is due for release on 29th September 2016 and will be the focus of celebration during his visit to Guernsey next term.

  • He is good at tweeting.

Why not follow David on Twitter @phlaimeaux for further musings and insights into his creatively comedic mind (NB: this is perhaps more appropriate for adult readers).

  • He is award-winning.

David’s stand-up show Let’s Comedy won the if.comedy award for Best Show in 2008.  The show was performed across the world, in Canada, Edinburgh and Australia, to name but a few.  He has also won Best International Comedian at the 2014 Sydney Comedy Festival.

  • He is in fact a recorded musical artist.

This includes three live studio albums: Giggle Me Timbers or Jokes Ahoy!, Let’s David O’Doherty and We Are Not the Champions, PLUS a single by the name of ‘Orange’ that in fact reached no. 30 in the Irish charts in 2007.

  • He has written not one, but TWO fictional non-fiction books.

100 Facts About Pandas and 100 Facts About Sharks, are two books which in fact contain nothing of the sort.  These humorous ‘fake fact’ books, written with friends Mike Ahern and Claudia O’Doherty, are really quite something and we recommend that you give them a read.  How else would you ever find out that ‘the otherwise slow moving panda can outrun a cheetah when moving backwards’, or that ‘a group of hammerhead sharks is called a toolbelt’?


  • His website.

Just click here, and you will see why this is a reason just on its own. No explanation required.

  • He has written a radio series about bee detectives.

The Bees of Manulla was written with his brother for RTÉ Radio, which to us sounds wonderfully whimsical and like something definitely worth having a listen to.

  • His ‘VLEMWy’ style.

He describes his style as ‘very low energy musical whimsy’, or ‘VLEMWy’ for short.  We think this makes for a great new word and will be using it wherever possible.

So all in all, if this doesn’t get you excited about David’s visit, then we don’t know what will.  His performances are sure to be brilliantly wacky, absurdly unique and totally VLEMWy (see?), and of course a wonderful opportunity for our students.  Hurry up, October!  We don’t think we can wait any longer.

Books available to buy

  • Doctor Noel Zone presents Danger is Everywhere
  • Doctor Noel Zone presents Danger is Still Everywhere

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