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St Anne’s School – Developing our library as a space pupils choose to learn

Our guest blogger this week is Martin Winward, Headteacher of St Anne’s school in Alderney. We were working with St Annes recently, helping them to update their school library. Here is his blog about how it all went. 

St. Anne’s is working closely with Elizabeth Hutchinson, Head of Schools’ Library Service to develop a phased approach to school improvement of their school library. Headteacher, Martin Winward and School Librarian, Jackie Hunter embraced the challenge to look again at the provision being offered to St. Anne’s by the service and whether the library was a space pupils choose to learn and access information to develop skills and knowledge.

A team of 3 Librarians from the service committed time during the recent school holiday to overhaul the collection of books, magazines, periodicals etc and the benchmark was that no book should be older than 10 years was achieved in just 2 days!. Withdrawn books were donated to the Salvation Army and are now set to be shipped off island whilst many others were others recycled.

Having a library that is current and made relevant to all pupils is something Martin Winward strives to achieve. A phased approach is the way forward, he said.

  • Phase 1 – overhaul books to be current and use the loan service to support provision over the next year whilst a planned budget will support replacing stock
  • Phase 2 – look at the physical layout of the library and use the service to guide and advise on what will work best; the learner voice will be key
  • Phase 3 – develop a Library Improvement Plan to dovetail into the emerging new curriculum plans –  ‘The BIG Picture’
  • Phase 4 – develop CWICER into the teaching of skills from EYFS to KS4 to support the new curriculum
  • Phase 5 – work alongside our Digital Leaders in school who have recently undergone ‘Google’ training through Aspire2Be to incorporate digital applications into our pupil preferred learning space by 2017

Special thanks to Elizabeth and her team, Lucy and Alan who committed blood, sweat and thankfully no tears in moving large amounts of stock from the library to make it an emerging bright and airy space.

The highlight was last week when pupils from Year 6 visited Guille-Allès, Guernsey for a tour of the Library and archives as well as collect their library card and work with the service to access digital applications through their bespoke website in developing competency in research skills. Elizabeth asked pupils what they thought of their new library space back at school: “It’s great! I have found lots of books I would like to read” / “It looks so much bigger” / “I love it!”

The Summer Term will include a follow-up visit by Elizabeth to St. Anne’s to work with the Senior Leadership Team in mapping skills teaching across the Key Stages as well a follow-up session with Year 6 as part of their transition to KS3.

st Annes Students

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