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There’s a Bear on My Chair by Ross Collins

This is the simple story of a mouse trying to get a bear to move out of his chair. As the mouse tries different tactics you can’t help but feel sorry for him as you see his frustration visibly building page after page. The illustrations are bright and bold and the text is large and easy to see when reading it to a group. The link between the text and the pictures is brilliant and in terms of the Greenaway award it will be great to discuss with book groups.

This is a lovely book to read aloud due to it’s simple rhymes and the important words and phrases being in a different colour or size. Ultimately you can’t help but laugh and feel that the bear got what he deserved in the end!

Reviewed by Jodie

2 thoughts on “There’s a Bear on My Chair by Ross Collins

  1. This is a really good book because it’s funny. The mouse doesn’t seem to know how small he is. The emotions on their faces really tell the story, like when the mouse was angry he was shutting his eyes and grinding his teeth together. The background colours help us see what their emotions are, like the angry red pages. We think the way the pictures are used are quite clever, like how the character in control is always on the right. We like that you can tell the story with just the pictures.


    1. It was clever that you can tell the story from the pictures. Do you think that if you had seen the pictures first before reading the story you would have told it differently?


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