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Once Upon An Alphabet by Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers is an awesome writer and illustrator and I am quite a fan of his stories. With his latest work ‘Once upon an Alphabet’ he has the intriguing idea of writing a short story for each letter of the alphabet.

They are very short tales, some as poems others as little incidences. It is certainly quirky and I like his humour. There is no overriding  story arc and generally they are individual stories. However a few stories are linked or have subtle connections which is  enough to pull it all together. There is also some guest appearances of characters from his other books which is quite nice.

The pictures use a simplistic style that appear to be quick sketches. Mostly a black and white wash with a splashes of colour and  with ink pen and occasionally pencil creating the detail.

Did I like the illustrations? For me they were a little too simplistic. I felt that they were done quickly and that although thought had gone into them I did feel they were overly thought out. It is an interesting style but not one that leaves me wanting more.

Reviewed by Alan

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