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Play in a Day!

One of Schools’ Library service (SLS)  missions is to engender a lifelong love of reading. We have done this in many ways over the years by running story sessions, shadowing book awards, connecting children to authors through Skype and webcasts, but nothing has as big an impact as a face to face meeting with an author. Our Book Weeks have become a real success with many great authors visiting our Island but these visits to a school are usually an hour long and then they have to move on to the next school. This is the only way we can get to every school in a week.ann4

Ann Bryant at Forest Primary School for a Book Week Session

Over the last few years the service has been watching the impact that the Patron of Reading initiative has been having on children’s engagement with stories. An author usually links up with a school close to where they live and builds a relationship with those teachers and students but being on an Island has obviously made this a challenge. Ann Bryant was invited to join in our 2014 book week and we immediately hit it off. It was obvious from the start that she was a multi talented person with her writing and music combination and our schools loved her. Somehow we managed to persuade her to come back to Guernsey to do a second Book Week and this time offered her to a school to do ‘play in a day’.  This allowed her to spend the whole day in one school and the benefits were obvious for not only the children but the teachers too. From there she agreed to become the Patron of Reading for the Bailiwick of Guernsey and we set about planning what she would do on her subsequent visits.

We decided that she would try and work her way around all our primary schools running her ‘play in a day’ and follow that in her next visit by giving an hour session to the same school. This we hoped would start to build up relationships with the schools and Ann.

CPD Teacher Session

Ann Bryant’s Teacher CPD Session

Ann has now visited Guernsey on 4 separate occasions and is beginning to make an impression in our schools. We included a teachers CPD session in her last visit which we hope to build on but her greatest achievement so far was spending the day with Amherst Primary. The response to her sessions with them far exceeded any of my expectations. After receiving a wonderful tweet from Miss Rowe we invited the school to be guest bloggers and she and her children agreed to share their thoughts on the day. We would like to thank all of Year 6 for the effort they have put into writing their thoughts about ‘play in a day’.

Miss Rowe:-

Ann Bryant, Guernsey’s patron of reading, visited Amherst Primary on Friday 18th March to put on a “Play in a day” with the year six children. During the day the children worked under Ann’s enthusiastic direction to act, dance and sing their way through a production called “Bad Bullies”. The story was about a boy called Ricardo who was bullied for speaking a different language to the other children in his school. The children were divided by class into “goodies” who help Ricardo and “baddies” who bully him. Ann’s dynamic teaching was infectious leading the children to visibly grow in confidence throughout the day with some normally unassuming children performing solo parts.The rest of the school along with some parents watched the finished product at the end of the day. Our head teacher, Mrs Moore,  said that she couldn’t believe what could be accomplished in one day while a member of year three commented that it “was the best play I have ever seen”. The experience exceeded all expectations I had, I hope that Ann is able to visit Amherst again in the future and would encourage any other schools to take up the opportunity to work with her.


Skye & Amber:-

On Friday the 18th of March, we put on an incredible play. The play was performed at Amherst Primary school. We felt happy and worried because we have a little bit of stage fright. But once we were in the play and performing, we forgot  all about being scared. The play was so fun because we got to be like proper actors. The reason we took part is because we wanted to have a new experience. The person who actually created the play was Ann Bryant . She is the patron of reading.  The play was about a young boy called Ricardo who is bullied by baddies and helped by goodies. The moral of the story is do not  hide away  from your problems , face them.


On Friday 18th March, year 6 were invited to take part in a play. It was a fun, entertaining experience, of which some felt rather nervous. We only had several hours to perform. Ann Bryant, the patron of reading for Guernsey, led everyone enthusiastically till the end of the day with a smile on their faces. It was about an Italian boy, named Ricardo, and was bullied by members of England. Half of year six played role as the “Goodies”, whereas the rest being the “baddies”. Pleasant compliments were said by Mrs Moore, our head teacher. Overall, several children had forms of nervousness, which evolved into laughter and happiness.



On Friday 18th march, Amherst Primary year 6 made a play in a day. Our positive thoughts on the play were: fun , entertaining to watch also exciting. 6E were the “bullies” whereas 6D played the goodies , one of the year 6E was Ricardo. In the play we: danced, sang, acted and spoke. None of this would have been possible without the help from Ann Bryant.


It was a truly wonderful experience that we all felt proud of at the end. I could tell you that it was fun, though I don’t think fun truly explains how much we did enjoy it. Truth, I was sort of scared, since I am not a very confident performer, or very enthusiastic about being on stage, though Ann Bryant was such a fervent lady that she lifted my confidence. We were taking part in a project called “A Play in A Day” with Ann Bryant. This was an assignment where we had to perform a play ,we had no idea was coming, in one day.  She had stepped forth to be ‘Guernsey’s  Patron of reading’ ,since she is an author. She offered to do the project on a boy who gets bullied because he speaks another language, fortunately there are ‘goodies’ who help him step up and be brave, this was called, ‘Bad Bullies’. We were very proud to do such a musical play, however the audience loved it almost as much as we did, which was pretty hard to reach. Our head teacher had reported “I am amazed they did such a play in only one day” and to be honest I was too. Though my favourite was a little boy who came up to Ann Bryant and said that it was the best play he had ever seen. Thank you Ann Bryant and the Schools’ Library Service for giving us this amazing opportunity.



When the play had started at Amherst, I was a bit nervous on Friday 18th March 2016 in the junior hall. But after that I wanted to make Miss. Rowe happy when it was my turn to shine. Then I felt so excited to be in the Bad Bullies  which was by Ann Bryant who is a Patron of reading, helped us to be right on track in the play. On a scale of 1 to 10 I think that it should be a 10 because I really enjoyed the play so much that I wanted mum and dad to see it. The play was about a boy called Ricardo who is being bullied because he doesn’t speak English. The play was about 25 minutes and I enjoyed it.

Joseph and Ty:-

On Friday 18th March 2016, an author called Ann Bryant, the patron of reading, came to Amherst Primary School, to perform a play in a day with year 6. We had to learn the whole play in just one day and  there was a good mix of dancing, singing and speaking. We enjoyed the experience a lot and it was very fun to try something new. The play was called ‘Bad Bullies’. The play was about a boy called Ricardo who was bullied because he was Italian. In the end he sticks up for himself and isn’t scared of the bullies anymore. One of the year 3’s said, “That was the best play that I’ve ever seen”. It was great for year 6 to work with Ann Bryant and we had a wonderful day. One class learnt one half of the play and the other class learnt the other half of the play. In the end, both classes came together and made the play complete.We really enjoyed the play and we would like to say a big thank you to Ann Bryant and Lucy from the Schools’ library service for making all of this possible.



Did you know that on the 18th of March Amherst Primary had an fantastic opportunity? We had a chance to work with Guernsey’s very own patron of reading Ann Bryant, who was the: choreographer, writer and director of this amazing play in a day.  Year 6 were ready to learn a whole play in 4hrs. Could you do that? Anyway, the play was about a young  boy named Ricardo who had been bullied by a group of children in his class. We were divided up into 2 groups named bullies and goodies… Class E being the bullies who teased him and were unkind to him. The moral of the play was don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Once the play had been performed and the assembly had come  to a close the teachers mentioned that they will never doubt what can be achieved in such a short time period. We were all proud once we had finished.

Beth & Keeah:-

On Friday the 18th of March, all of the year 6 pupils in Amherst took part in an amazing experience with Ann Bryant. We performed a play in a day called “Bad Bullies”. It was about a Italian boy called Ricardo, who did not speak English therefore he was bullied at school so he ran away and hid. The meaning is when you get bullied stick up for yourself and do not hide away. We were really excited when we heard about the play in a day .The play itself was very upbeat. It was one of the best things we have ever done, it was also one of the most unforgettable plays we have ever done. 



We were told on Thursday 17th March that ‘Ann Bryant who is Guernsey’s patron of reading would be coming in to do a one day play’. I thought to myself that I wouldn’t be able to do it, that I didn’t want to do it. I pushed myself away without even having the slightest clue of what it would be like. The morning of the play soon came (Friday 18th March) I walked into school already doubting the day, but when it all started I soon got into it: dancing, singing, smiling, laughing. I was enjoying my experience of a one day play with Ann Bryant. It was called ‘Bad Bullies’, the moral of the play really hit me: it was to never hide yourself away, to never let things bottle up inside. When the play had finished I felt proud of myself: children were clapping, parents were clapping, everyone was smiling. I finished the play without feeling as if I had done a bad job. Over all I enjoyed my time with Ann Bryant creating a one day play. It felt good to let loose for a day and to have fun. Ann Bryant, Miss. Rowe also all of my classmates helped me with that.

Kansas and friend:-

Last Friday on the 18 of March was the best day ever.  A wonderful author came in called Ann Bryant. She is the patron of reading organised by the Schools’ Library Service. The day before we were told we would be taking part in a ‘Play in a day’. We started the day by going into the hall, there we met Ann. She told us about herself furthermore, she told us about the play. After, we had met her, we went back to class while she taught the other class their part. The play was called ‘bad bullies’ it was about a boy called Ricardo, who could not speak English, being bullied at school. One class was the ‘baddies’ and one class was the ‘goodies’. Eventually both classes came together and we practiced, it was so fun we had the best time ever. The best thing about Ann Bryant is that she lets everyone have a go.Finally we were ready to perform  the play in front of the school and some parents. We felt fearless and excited. We did have a fear of singing and speaking in front of people but we faced our fear all because of Ann Bryant. Thank you Ann.


On Friday the 18th of March year six did a play in a day. Ann Bryant came to Amherst to do the play with us, the play was amazing. The play was about bullying it was called `the bad bullies’. The main character was called Ricardo, who was Italian, got bullied at school because he was in England but was speaking Italian. The meaning behind the play is bullying is never good. We took part because we thought it would be a good experience because I felt really proud at the end of the performance.

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