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The Imaginary by A.F.Harrold

‘Amanda was dead,’ a bolder start as any for an intriguing story, one of imagination as the title implies and in this case exploring the world of imaginary friends. What also gives it an unusual angle is that the story is from the perspective Rudger, a boy who is an imaginary friend. It’s about imaginary people living in our world not people living in imaginary worlds. The story is not a deep or complex book but it is a little dark. It starts of as rather fun but it soon turns into hunt and hunted scenario. The book is full of good illustrations and I also liked the many amusing snippets which gave the narrative that special something. The exploration of the world of imaginary friends was certainly novel for me. However the topic is treated quite lightly and there were parts of the imaginary world that weren’t fully explained. Although this didn’t affect the story I would have been happier to known more and I wondered if the author himself had thought about them deeply or if they had been created to serve the story plot. I liked the book and found it an enjoyable read but I don’t think it’s a story that will stay with me.

Reviewed by Alan

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