Greenaway Nominations 2016

The Wonderful Fluffy Little Squishy by Beatrice Alemagna

Beatrice Alemagna’s The Wonderful Fluffy Little Squishy is every bit as cute and lovely as you would hope.  Translated from the original French text Le Merveilleux Dodu-Velu-Petit, the story follows little Eddie and her search for the perfect birthday gift.

Every page is brimming with tiny and meticulous details, as we follow Eddie on her journey through the village.  Although a bright and colourful town in itself, we are able to spot Eddie in her wonderfully neon pink coat; this provides children with something to spot on each page.  Alongside the use of bright colours, Alemagna has also included a ‘lift the flap’ element on one page, which again adds a bit of excitement for younger readers.  Throughout the story, we become more and more curious about the ‘fluffy little squishy’ item she is about to discover.

The beautiful illustration style is a delight in itself, but it also marries well with the lovely narrative.  With this wonderfully quirky tale, Alemagna does well to provide not just a story, but a captivating reading experience that really stands out from the crowd.

By Tiff

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