Carnegie Nominations 2016

The Honest Truth by Dan Gemeinhart


An intriguing story about a young boy called Mark who has cancer. I was not sure how I felt about this book as I read it, I generally steer clear of books about cancer as it is a tough subject and the beginning of the book took us in the direction that you would imagine. A young boy who does not want to die but it looks likely that he will.   Mark is reeling from the information that his cancer has returned.  He has decided that if he is going to die anyway he wants to do it on the mountain he promised his late grandfather that he would climb. The story takes us with him on his journey helping us to understand how he feels and the reasons for him running away. Every other chapter includes a part written by his best friend Jess. It shows how friendship and love of family are important and how they too were affected by Marks illness and how him running away has impacted on their lives. I am delighted to say that this book did not finish the way that I was expecting it to. Saying that please don’t expect a ‘happy’ ending. It has a very strong message about the people in our lives and the impact they can have even if they don’t know it. A fairly easy book to read so would be good for encouraging reluctant readers 11+


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