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4 reasons information literacy is essential for improving your child’s academic attainment

What is information literacy?

Knowing how to find, evaluate, select and use good quality information.

Schools’ Library Service (SLS) Librarians work throughout the Bailiwick schools, alongside teachers, to support independent learning through information literacy.

During last term SLS librarians ran workshops after school at our public library to support children with research homework. These were not well attended and those children that were brought along by their parents were tired after a full day at school and found it hard to concentrate.

What was really interesting though was the parents that stayed expressed an interest in knowing what was available and how they could help their children at home. We have therefore decided to run two more workshops this term for parents.

So why is information literacy an important skill for your children to learn?

  1. Google does not have all the answers.

Google has a wide range of information but do you sometimes find that there is too much out there? How do you know if what you are looking at has been written by an expert or not?  Schools’ library Service buys online resources that are available to all school children that are at the right academic level in order to make searching for homework answers easier. If you, as parents, know how to find them you can guide your children in the right direction.

  1. Knowing how to find information quickly

Being able to decide which resource is going to give you the information you require quickly and efficiently is the start of independent learning.  Using good keywords is an important skill in this process and will be useful not only at the beginning but throughout any piece of research. Whether using a book, Britannica-online, an online journal or even website keywords are the key to unlocking the information inside.

  1. Giving credit for what you find

Information that is found from any source needs to be given credit. It is important for children to learn that saying where they got their information from is part of the research process. Not only is it good practice it is also illegal to take information without saying where you got it.

  1. How to make notes

The skill of making notes properly can be more easily taught through using books. It is impossible to ‘cut and paste’ from a book unless the child is prepared to copy from the book word for word. Even this is better than ‘cut and paste’ from the internet as in order to copy it the piece would have to be read whilst copying. Taking notes correctly enables the children to demonstrate understanding, prevents plagiarism (copying without giving credit) and helps the child remember so is good skill for revision when they get older.

Why run the workshops for parents?

Many parents want to be able to help their children with their homework but are not aware of what resources are available to them. SLS has created pages on our website for each local school both primary and secondary and the workshops aim to demonstrate how these can be accessed and used. We will also show parents how to give credit for what is found and how to make notes. Please feel free to call us to find out more.


Credits: Featured image taken from With thanks to Nichole Martin


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