Greenaway Longlist 2016 · Greenaway Nominations 2016

Wall by Tom Clohosy Cole

Alluding to the difficult times brought about by the Berlin Wall, Wall by Tom Clohosy Cole is a beautifully illustrated story of desolation and courage.  The story comes from the perspective of a child who has lost his father to the wall, and is desperately searching for a way to find him again.  The dark shadows illustrated throughout really emphasise the dark and frightening consequences of the wall, however there are also elements of hope.  This is highlighted especially in the last few pages where the colours brighten to signify their hope of a brighter future.  Although perhaps not suitable for younger readers, this story is a striking insight into the effects of war and division in society for those interested in the human side of conflict.  Cole really breathes life into what can sometimes feel like an all too sombre subject, through his use of floridly beautiful illustrations.

By Tiffany


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